Vampironica Review

It’s interesting. Veronica in the comic is literally a blood sucking vampire, and yet this version is more likeable than the Veronica in the show.

Vampironica had a very strong introduction. Greg and Meg did a fantastic job establishing the characters and their relationships with one another.

It makes it all the worse that the ending is just so underwhelming. The ending is so boring that it hurt my feelings.

There were pretty much no consequences after everyone was converted back from their vampirism. Veronica, a sheltered teenager, doesn’t think twice about murdering two dudes and drinking pig’s blood.

Not even Reggie’s like, “Hey, guys. I think I’m going to skip town for a while ‘cause I’m pretty sure I killed this chick, when I was a vampire. If the cops or her parents call, I was never here.”

Characterization, after the first issue was just kind of all over the place. Veronica herself started off being vein and spiteful, when it came to her relationship with Archie. Then Veronica murdered two vampires and learned the spirit of Christmas.

This might be a bit of an understatement, but a character arch like that is a little too quick and neatly wrapped up. She neither learned anything new about herself or from others that could realistically inspire her to mature as a person.

The only thing new she learned was that Dilton, the lonely science-nerd, wasn’t just a lonely science-nerd. He’s a lonely science-nerd who remembered to brush up on his vampire lore and had a nearby stash of pig’s blood. I don’t know about you, but I would actually start to distance myself from a guy like that.

The villains were pretty lackluster. For the majority of the book, Veronica is being haunted by this random vampire that her father used to work with (No, he doesn’t have a name. I guess his momma didn’t love him enough to bother with that). All of the focus is driven around this boss vampire infecting everyone in Riverdale. 

Veronica kills him, while battling an army of infected Riverdale civilians. But then it turned out that the boss vampire had a boss-boss vampire, and Veronica has to go after him. Pumped up from some good old-fashioned vampire murder, Veronica makes her way to the final boss and… she stabbed him in his sleep.

It’s so disappointing because this was basic video game logic 101 here. The pre-boss shouldn’t be tougher than the final boss. I shouldn’t be sweating while I hop over a couple of goombas, and breezing while I fight Bowzer. There’s got to be escalation to keep the audience’s interest.

Man, the first issue set my expectations so high for this series. Perhaps too high.

Anyway, Veronica is going to be a vampire again and battle with a Were-wolf turned Jughead. I’m putting twenty bucks on Veronica winning.